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hard state tantalum foil
BaoJi Yuan Da Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Was established in 1994,located in Baoji,Shaanxi,is well known as the largest specialized base for production,development and marketing of refractory metal.The major products include billets,plates/sheets,foils,tubes,bars,wires,shapes,forgings castings,powder metallurgical products,clad materials and downstream products(equipment)made of titanium,tungsten,molybdenum,niobium,zirconium,hafnium,nickel,and their alloys.The products are widely applied in various fields,such as geology,petroleum,chemical,medical and military industry.
   The complete quality control system and testing equipment assure the reliable products with high quality.The products are sold in domestic market,as well as oversea market,including Japan,South Korea,Europe and American.

☆ Our Team ☆

☆Factory Production Equipment☆


◆Incipient Fusion Machine

Through stages of heating and insulationsystems,
product gap exclude volatile impurities and
other unwanted impurities such as oxygen,
final processing organization.
◆Butt Welder

Used for welding various parts,tubes, profiles,
solid parts, such as, wide range of applications,
are an economic and efficient method of
◆Reduction Furnace

Mainly applies to the base material such as
tungsten, molybdenum in a climate of high
temperature and restore production of the
metal powder products.
◆Vacuum Drying Equipment

By packaging container within the air
reservation after vacuum, removing parts
of water in the container equipment,
achieve the objective material drying.
While in the dry mixture, or built-in shower,
filtering, grinding, and so the device can
achieve its multifunctional operations.
◆Vacuum Annealing furnace

Rare metal products for continuous bright
annealing, solution, demagnetization and
quenching furnace for stainless steel.
◆Medium Frequenc Induction Furnace

For non-ferrous metal smelting and heating
for forging,heattreatment and so on.
◆Rolling Mill

General cold and hot rolled, cold-rolled and
hot-rolled machine.Mill is mainly through
strong pressure, not shaped billet rolling pipe,
needs such as sheet metal shapes.

hard state tantalum foil

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