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cvd diamond tools manufacturers
CVD diamond material feature:
CVD diamond-the chemical vapor deposition thick-film diamond- is high purity, fully dense forms of diamond with excellent thermal stability and thermal conductivity. The abrasion resistance of CVD is superior to that of PCD grades; however, due to a lower resistance to chipping, CVD diamond grades are better suited to continuous turning and reaming applications under stable cutting conditions. The figure below indicates the abrasion resistance and chip resistance of CVD in comparison to PCD.
Where correctly applied, the wear resistance of CVD diamond materials may be several times that of medium-grain PCD grades. The difference in tool lives is dependent not only on the conditions of application, but also on the maximum tolerable level of flank wear – as illustrated in the figure below. The differences in tool lives between PCD and CVD materials are most pronounced when machining extremely abrasion resistance work materials such as metal matrix composites, green carbides and ceramics.
CVD diamond have both good fracture strength and toughness, have been engineered for mechanical applications such as the machining of highly abrasive non-ferrous material, plastics, wood- based materials and wear-part applications. These products do not contain a metallic binder phase or catalyst and therefore have extremely high thermal stability.
CVD diamond is suitable to machining Non-ferrous metals, High silicon content Aluminum alloy, composites and reinforced plastics, graphite, fiber glass and ceramic
CVD diamond cutting Tools types:
We produce CVD diamond turning tools, CVD diamond turning inserts, CVD tipped inserts, CVD diamond indexable cutting tool inserts, CVD CNC cutting inserts, CVD tooling inserts, CVD turning tools, CVD diamond cutting inserts, CVD diamond reamers.cvd diamond tools manufacturers

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