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Brown weighed in on the question via an Instagram
Among the reactions to linebacker Vontaze Burfict signing with the Raiders this week was curiosity about how he’ll get along with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown given their history.Burfict drilled Brown in the head during a playoff game after the 2015 season and Brown said it was karma that Burfict got knocked out by a block from Steelers wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster during a 2017 game. Burfict said this week that “there’s nothing negative” between them and that they’re on the same page when it comes to helping the Raiders win. post on Thursday and sent a similar message to those who might be thinking about getting their popcorn ready for training camp.“It’s funny how the @Nfl will make you a villain with your own teammate now! Create a war within a war when basically we all on the same team; even though we wear different jerseys! Yea things happen in the field with all due respect it’s in the game! After the the game there’s real life and we do have personal lives families as real human beings! Encourage your brother do not beat them down or create a war amongst them we already fighting enough wars! Empower your peoples inspire your brother encourage someone not bind them by circumstances.”While Brown and Burfict are putting out the word that all will be copacetic in Oakland this year Bo Jackson Jersey White , the mixture of personalities under head coach Jon Gruden should still make this summer’s Raiders camp an intriguing one. The Seahawks run the ball really well. The Raiders don’t defend the run well. Or the dump passes. Or screen passes. Or jet sweeps. Or really anything short. Those plays have consistently turned into big plays. That’s where Russell Wilson thrives, making him a match-up nightmare for the Raiders.“It all starts with the quarterback. You got to defend the play that Seattle calls and then you got to defend the play that Russell Wilson creates,” said Jon Gruden. “He gets out of trouble, he’s a magnificent playmaker.”Rushing the passer has also been a real problem for the Raiders this season. They have just six sacks on the season which is tied for the fewest in the NFL. Wilson has been under pressure a lot in his career, and is adept as escaping that pressure and making plays.If you get pressure outside, he will escape up the middle. If you get pressure up the middle , he will escape outside. “He’s an extremely talented quarterback. Once he gets out of the pocket, that’s when he’s really dangerous,” said rookie Maurice Hurst, who has two sacks this season from the defensive tackle position. “He’s a great passer, very accurate, able to make a lot of big plays for their offense. Just someone that brings that mentality to their team and you got to try to contain that as much as possible.”The Raiders’ best bet to keep him in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm. Which he can also do Derek Carr Jersey White , as evidenced by his averaging over 4000 yards the past three seasons. Though the Raiders linebackers have been among the worst in the NFL at defending the pass too. Tahir Whitehead seems to have basically resigned himself to the fact that Wilson will find room to run and the Raiders won’t be able to stop him.“Going against Russell is hard. No matter what you do, he’s always going to find those creases to get out on the perimeter to make those big plays and that’s what he thrives on,” said Whitehead. “That’s what gets their team going. As the defense you go in there with the game plan to keep him in the pocket, but you’re just鈥ou can try your best but he always finds a way. On our part we really just have to do as best as possible.”Wilson only has 42 yards rushing this season, but that doesn’t meant he isn’t a threat. He had 586 yards rushing last season, so he is a threat to break it at any time. His mobility is always about running the ball either. it’s about his elusiveness and his ability to create opportunities downfield by escaping the pocket.“He’s a mobile guy. He can move around the pocket Antonio Brown Raiders Jersey ,” said Guenther. “He’s got good arm strength. He can get in and out of plays. He’s been a good player for a long time. it’ll be a challenge for us, for sure.”Thus far this season, the Raiders have allowed 52 yards on 10 carries (5.2 yards per carry) and a touchdown to quarterbacks Case Keenum (16), Ryan Tannehill (26), and Baker Mayfield (10). None of whom are as mobile as Wilson.Follow @LeviDamien

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