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Medium Frequency Induction Heating Furnace manufacturers
Shield machine cutting machine welding equipment, mainly for welding shield machine selection pick, boring machine pick, excavator pick, hanging machine pick teeth such as the pick to weld, in my experience, this type The pick can generally choose 200 type, the effect is better, according to user needs, guide the welding method and process technology.
XXZP-200 belongs to medium frequency series, with high power, good heating effect and high efficiency. The working principle of the shield machine's cutting teeth welding equipment is: using a metal material with a lower melting point than the cutting teeth as the solder, heating the pick and the solder to Above the melting point of the solder and below the melting point of the pick, wet picks are wetted with the liquid solder, filling gaps in the interface and interdiffusion of atoms with the pick to achieve soldering purposes.
Equipment main technical parameters
modelPower supplyinput powerIF rangeDuty rateInput CurrentDimensions mm
JZ-200/4Three phase 380V
50-60Hz200KW2-8KHz100%300 AMain control cabinet: 530×760×1660
Transformer cabinet: 500×800×580
The main features of the shield machine cutting machine welding equipment:
1. Small size, large power, fast heating, thorough penetration of the core, and large power saving. Each heating of 1 ton of steel consumes 320 degrees. Than SCR IF power saving 20% -30%.
2. Does not bring pollution on the network side, the electric transformer does not generate heat, the electric compensation capacitor does not generate heat, and does not interfere with the operation of other equipment.
3. Heating speed less power transformer capacity. Adopt more comprehensive, mature protection technology.
4. Adopt IGBT devices and components are purchased globally. Low-inductance circuit arrangements, large-scale digital circuits.
The main application of the equipment is very wide. Various types of round steel, square steel, bar stock, round cakes, round tubes, steel plates, steel rings, fasteners, high-strength bolts and nuts, fast speed, high production efficiency, and less oxidation and decarbonization , saving materials and forging die costs
5. The heat treatment process of the U-bolt nut, stainless steel bolt nut, bolt nut and so on.
Our aim is: "Only the right choice, not expensive", please look for "China's leader" brand! More product video and more detailed process technology, please consult us in time, QQ1216517284, WeChat 13014650631!Medium Frequency Induction Heating Furnace manufacturers

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