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ViceRP Staff Application Format
ViceRP's Staff Application, Thank you for applying!
If you are found to be lying, your application will be forfeited and you may not reapply!

General Requirements

What is your name? (first name required)

What is your in game name and SteamID? (

What is your Discord Username? (Ex: Galifi#1259)

How old are you? (Minimum age to apply is 14)

What country do you live in, and what timezone?

Do you have a working microphone?

If we pick you, are you able to take part in a short interview and training with the recruitment team?

General Questions

How long have you been playing the server on and when did you start?

Have you ever been punished by a staff member on our server? (If so, please list)

What has overall motivated you to apply for staff on the server?

What are atleast three qualities that you have that are beneficial to a staff team?

Compulsory Questions

Do you understand that you will have to act mature as a part of our staff team?

Are you able to contribute atleast roughly 5 hours of staffing on the server weekly?

Do you agree to follow all rules of the server while being a staff member?

Do you understand that breaking staff or player rules on several instances will result in swift removal of your position?

Any optional, extra details about being a moderator, or yourself?

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