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Shrimps Staff App
Your Username:
A:xd MrShrimp
Your SteamID? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:
A: STEAM_0:0:121940340
Your Discord Name and #:
A:xd MrShrimp #1771
Have you ever been punished on ViceRP? If so, why?:
Your Age (14+):
Your Timezone:
Time Played:
A: Not Sure
Staffing Experience (Optional):
A:Im highest rank on mintyrp 
Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph):
A: I know how to enforce rules fairly and efficently. I have good keybinds and a good understanding on rules and settings. I am able to multitask Well and i know punish ments well for differnt reasons. The Server and The Player Are #1 Priority to me and i will Do everything in my power to keep everything running well.
How often can you be on the server?:
A: maybe 2-3 hours a day minimum 
Why do you want to be a staff member?:
A: I want to help the server and the players to my full extent
Are you aware that you will lose an amount of RP time on the server?
A: Yes i am and i am fine with this
Have you read the rules? Your application will be denied if you do not read these! :
A: Yes
What rank are you on the server? :
A: User
How did you find our server? :
A: Me and my friend (blueboi) were bored and looking for a new server to play on and we saw this one and thought (maybe we could help or just play)
If you were brought into a sit with jimmy and jake,
and jimmy claims that he was shot by jake what is 
the first action that you would take ?
A: Check Kill/Damage Logs
A Gun dealer is building a gun shop in the middle
of the street. What is he doing wrong?
A: He cant build in streets becuase it would block cars and if it was out of the car area it would be prop block
A hobo was seen running into a building during a raid
and he starts to adverting raid. What is he doing wrong?
A:Hes Raiding Durring a raid instead of Either Assisting Or Countering
You are a Trial Moderator and you see a Head Admin
flying around while he is not on duty. What do you do?
A: I would pm him on the game and if he doesnt respond i would pm him on discord and if he has no right reason message a higher up with evidence ( i record when i play on any server just in case)

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