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Andrew's staff Aplication
Heart General Requirements Heart

What is your name? (first name required)

What is your in game name and Steam ID? (
What is your Discord Username? (Ex: Galifi#1259)
How old are you? (Minimum age to apply is 14)
What country do you live in, and what timezone?
America time zone: est
Do you have a working microphone?
If we pick you, are you able to take part in a short interview and training with the recruitment team?

General Questions

How long have you been playing the server on and when did you start?
since 08/08/2019
Have you ever been punished by a staff member on our server? (If so, please list)
What has overall motivated you to apply for staff on the server?
I have played g mod for so long now I'm tired of just rp'ing with people who don't follow the rules and don't care about the community so after over 10k hours in G mod I feel like I should try and be the moderator for once instead of the player and try and make I better for new players who might not know how the G mod community works
What are at least three qualities that you have that are beneficial to a staff team?
If I'm accepted I will be dedicated to this server I am sociable and overall excellent at talking to people even when they may be mad or angry due to something another player has done  I'm extremely experienced in G mod with over 10k hours played  I'm home schooled so I can respond at almost any time and can jump on the server if I'm not on it already

Compulsory Questions

Do you understand that you will have to act mature as a part of our staff team?
Are you able to contribute at least roughly 5 hours of staffing on the server weekly?
5-9 hours a day yes
Do you agree to follow all rules of the server while being a staff member?
Do you understand that breaking staff or player rules on several instances will result in swift removal of your position?

Any optional, extra details about being a moderator, or yourself?
I feel like I should be accepted on to the staff team because along with my extensive time played on G mod I'm aware of most to all bugs and glitches in the game and can identify if someone is trying to intentionally crash the server and I feel like I would be good at calming down situation and making sure that if I were a staff in a sit all the players would get a fair experience and making sure that no player would get so mad to just leave the server. I have never rage quit nor gotten extensively mad at anyone in G mod or for that matter in and video game so I feel like Even though the position of a moderator might be stressful I would be able to handle it in a professional and calm demeanor.

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